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Our Mission

The healers are hurting!

 The medical field has been through so many changes, regulations, and a pandemic. So many physicians are burned out and leaving the field. Trying to juggle increasingly complex regulations, loss of autonomy, increasing demands on your time, all while trying to maintain a home life and your sanity. 

Institutions are losing quality staff as they are burning-out and leaving medicine. Lack of engagement and  productivity are hurting patients and overall culture and fiscal health of your institution. Recruitment and retention is exhausting a vast amount of your resources

 and costs up to a $1,000,000 / physician. 

Let us help! 

We are physicians who are also Certified Physician & Life Coaches. 

We want to heal the healers, so they can rediscover their passion and vision, feel confident and whole, so they can live their fullest life which they've worked so hard to create!

Our comprehensive coaching curriculum, paired with individual and group coaching, empowers each doctor to overcome burn-out, find balance in work life integration so they can enjoy the career and life they dare to only dream of! 

Meet Our Coaches:

Kolleen Dougherty, MD, FASA 

Certified Physician / Life Coach 

Founder, CEO, The Coaching Ally 

I am proudly a Certified Physician Coach and double  Board Certified in both Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine. I have been married for over 20 years and have four amazing children, two in college and two in high school. 

With over two decades of experience practicing clinical medicine and training medical students, residents and fellows, I know what burn-out feels like, I was there. I then discovered the world of coaching and how transformative it could be.  I  developed The Coaching Ally to empower physicians with evidence-based coaching strategies which have been proven to decrease burnout and enhance physician well-being. 

I personally believe everyone can benefit from coaching. You deserve it!

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