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Who Needs a Coach ?

We all do! 

Athletes, CEOs, C- suite administrators all have them. 

Physicians need them!


Physicians in general are all overachievers, type A personalities. 

We are goal oriented, self-sacrificing and have honed the art of delayed gratification. 

Do you feel unfulfilled? Wondering if this is really what you worked so hard for? Wondering if there is more for you out there? 


With burn-out ravaging the ranks of physicians, more and more doctors are asking themselves these questions. If you have, know that you are not alone. 


The Coaching Ally can help. 


With evidence-based curriculum and coaching our certified physician coaches will help you discover your passion again and create a vision for where you see your big, beautiful life going. 

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Coaching vs Therapy 

Many people have no understanding what coaching is and what it is not. I didn’t necessarily when I started out on this journey. 


Therapy occurs when a licensed therapist listens to a client with the goal of diagnosing problems. Often this  leads to a specific intervention, medication or therapeutic plan. 

Coaching on the other hand is performed by coaches, not licensed psychologists or psychiatrists, who work with a client to help them understand their mindset, their unique challenges and goals and help them develop strategies to move forward, so they can  accomplish all they hope to. 

Often therapists focus on the past, whereas coaches focus on the future. 


Why Invest in Coaching?

The Business Imperative for Coaching

Top 5 reasons to invest in coaching:



Burned-out physicians are costing your institution potentially thousands, if not more. 



Burned-out physicians are not engaged.



Burned-out physicians have lower productivity, and are more prone to errors and thus harm to patients and liability.



Burned-out physicians can tarnish the hospital's reputation because they are not as engaged with patients or invested in productivity and outcomes.



Also, if they quit, the time, energy and money spent recruiting, hiring, and orienting a new physician has been estimated to cost between $500,000 to $1 million per physician. 


It is much wiser, and cheaper, to invest in physicians who are already established at your organization. 


Coaching works! 


Randomized controlled trials have proven that physicians ( both staff and residents) have higher well being indexes after coaching programs, as well as higher engagement scores and less likely to leave employment scores. 


Start investing in your staff and hospital's future now. 

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Why hire The Coaching Ally?

All our coaches are trained physicians and trained life coaches. 

Because we are physicians, we understand all the rigors of training, clinical practice and the multiple obstacles and hurdles physicians have had to overcome, as well as those obstacles physicians still face. 

It is through coaching certification that they have learned strategies to change those obstacles to opportunities and how to set boundaries and achieve fulfillment and sustainability. 

They are poised perfectly to expertly guide your physicians to achieve the same outcomes. 

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