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12 week program
Medical Specialists

8 Week Premier Program

This program supports staff physicians in overcoming burnout and empowering them to create the life they always envisioned. 
Weekly didactic curriculum, paired with group and 1:1 coaching,  enhances wellness, resiliency and sustainability. 
Materials are available for those unable to participate given clinical duties/call.   
CME available 
There are 10 spots available per cohort but many cohorts are able to be booked!

resident cohort

Resident Cohort Coaching

The future of medicine lies in their hands. 
As institutions and residency programs focus on developing the residents clinical accumen, our program focuses on their wellbeing and resiliency. 
Our program is specifically geared for the  resident learner, their obstacles, fears and trigger points. We want tp ensure their success and sustainability to todays healthcare system. 
This 6 week program consists of a weekly 45 minute didactic session paired with group coaching and four individual 1:1 coaching sessions for each resident. This program is designed to teach each resident the skills necessary to turn obstacles into opportunities.


There are 10 spots available per cohort but many cohorts are able to be booked!


1:1 coaching

1:1 Coaching

You are the hero/heroine of your own story!
1:1 Coaching allows a personal deep dive into your limiting beliefs which are holding you back from achieving all that you ever hoped for. 
Feelings such as: 
Always feeling guilty
Perfectionism preventing you from making decisions and taking risks
Not prioritizing yourself 
Not feeling like you've arrived despite .... having arrived
Your dreams can't wait to get started.
So lets GO!
6 week program consists of one weekly 45 minute session to explore and challenge yourself 

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